Vitec supplies photographers and videographers with a variety of products for use alongside a photographic camera.

The majority of our products are designed for use with an inter-changeable lens camera (ILC) such as a single lens reflex (SLR) camera and a compact system camera (CSC or mirrorless).

We estimate that the Photographic market for product categories supplied or distributed by Vitec is worth around £800 million annually. Approximately half of this market is accounted for by professional photographers and the remainder by consumers who have a keen interest in photography or simply want to record and share images. Photography continues to attract new consumers as the number and type of image-taking devices and accessories increases and the distribution of images via social media continues to grow in popularity.

Sales of cameras with inter-changeable lenses
The installed base of ILCs continues to grow globally and global shipments started to show signs of stabilisation in 2015 after a number of years of decline. In addition, there has been rapid growth in the volumes of CSCs which are being bought by end users who upgrade from their smart phones, and by professionals and enthusiasts who use them as a second camera.

The new social recorders
There is a new population of photographers who are interested in recording images. These “social recorders” are using smart phones to take images and share them using social media platforms. As these new entrants become more interested in photography, they migrate to ILCs (often initially by buying a CSC) and become more likely to acquire our products for use with the camera.

New distribution channels
The emergence of new distribution channels for photographic products, such as online and in consumer electronics stores, has helped stimulate demand from new customers. The growth of sales through online channels is continuing.


With high quality and innovative products sold under the Manfrotto, Gitzo and Avenger names, we possess the premier brands in photographic camera tripods and heads. We are the clear leader in terms of market share by value globally.


Sold under the Manfrotto and, under licence, the National Geographic brands, we have a growing share in this large product category. We have grown market share and believe that it provides opportunities for further growth.


In lighting supports, primarily used in the professional sector, Manfrotto is the market leader by value. In lighting controls, we are the market leader in EMEA with the Lastolite brand and are gaining share in the US. In lighting, the use of LEDs is gaining prominence as a more efficient replacement for traditional continuous lighting and Manfrotto is at the forefront of their introduction.