Our industry

Vitec operates in one of the most exciting global markets; that of image capture and sharing.

This dynamic market has been transformed over the past decade and will continue to change. Driven by social media and technological innovation, image capture and sharing has grown exponentially, with millions of videos and still images taken and shared every day.



Vitec supplies broadcasters, cinematographers and independent content creators with a variety of products and services to assist in the capture and transmission of video images.

The Broadcast market comprises products and services used in the production of content for broadcasters and cinematographers, whether in studio, on location or in an enterprise. The growing professional video segment includes products and services used in the production and streaming of video by independent content creators including education and religious establishments, corporate entities and governmental bodies.

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Vitec supplies photographers and videographers with a variety of products for use alongside a photographic camera. We target professionals and advanced consumers.

The majority of our products are designed for use with an inter-changeable lens camera (“ILC”) such as a single lens reflex (“SLR”) camera, a compact system camera (“CSC”), premium mirrorless cameras and newer “image and capturing devices” (e.g. smartphones, action cameras, Virtual Reality/360-degree cameras).

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