Our products and services encompass a variety of technologies, designed and engineered to ensure that, whatever the conditions, the image maker has the best equipment to “capture the moment”.

These technologies range from traditional mechanical engineered products, for example manual camera supports, through to electronics and software. Nonetheless the user is the same – an image maker – whether engaged by a broadcaster, film or other production company, a corporate, educational or religious establishment, operating as an independent business, or an amateur.

Broadcasters and TV Networksplus

"The first test of Autoscript’s VoicePlus blew us away because it was completely seamless and showed us this great new possibility for our workflow. And, in the end, we made no significant changes to our original infrastructure to accommodate it."

Neils Borg, Project Manager and Technical Director, TV MIDTVEST

Bloggers and vLoggersplus

"I need a bag that does it all. One that accommodates the variety of shooting I do. Whether drone, cinema, stills or a mix. The Manfrotto 3N1 gives me the freedom to go."

Kody and Kyler McCormick, two brothers “living to inspire”. Manfrotto Ambassadors, TEDx speakers and sponsored adventure filmmakers.

Independent Content Creatorsplus

"My job is really about functionality and comfort when it comes to my camera rigs. I own two RED WEAPONS, an ALEXA Mini, Sony A7s, a Panasonic GH4, the list goes on, and every camera is decked out with Wooden Camera gear! When you are on set, each camera needs to be rigged like it was made for you and Wooden Camera does that."

Neil Dearman, Owner, Neil Dearman Productions.

Lighting Specialistsplus

"Litepanels became a very rare company in that it has both a really good soft light panel and an entire Fresnal package that would work in conjunction. And that’s what’s really cool. I’m at 5,000 Watts for 100 lights, which is outstanding; that’s four sound stages that have less wattage than what typical studios use to light a green screen for their weather segment."

Dan Reed, Lighting Designer, Fullscreen Studios.


"Vinten hit a home run with the Vector Series because of the pantographic design, perfect balance, and the drag. Everything is perfect and the pan head is so responsive. It doesn’t stick. It doesn’t slip. There are no surprises. It does exactly what I expect it to do and to a guy like me, it’s how I express myself. It’s how I earn a living. It’s how I get that signature shot that I could only get with a Vinten."

Tom Guilmette, Director of Photography who has worked with the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins and the Summer Olympics.


"Transport over icy, snowy and rocky terrain is very difficult; that’s why the equipment has to be extremely robust yet very lightweight at the same time. On top of that, the quality of pan and tilt movements is a basic requirement. It doesn’t matter how well you prepare; you never know how much leeway you’ll actually have in those extreme conditions. That’s exactly why you need the best possible camera support."

Alessandro Beltrame, Director of Photography, on why he used his Sachtler FBS 6 system for The Antarctica Project at the South Pole.


"Every church has a story to tell, whether conservative or contemporary, large or small. Especially during the holiday season, you can take your Church’s story to the world with Live Video streaming. And no matter the size of your congregation, Teradek has the gear to help you share your services."

Tyler Riddle, AV Director, OC Grace Church.

Pro Photographers and Videographersplus

"99% of my images rely on stability and precision. I never take a photo without using a tripod, unless there is just no other practical option. Both Gitzo and Manfrotto justify their reputation as being the best in the business – they are reliable, stable, portable and enable me to work quickly, efficiently and effectively. I’ve used their products since my teens!"

Ross Hoddinott, natural history and landscape photographer, member of the 2020VISION photo team and a Nikon Ambassador.

Amateur Photographersplus

"Thank you Manfrotto. You guys keep knocking out amazing gear: it never lets me down."

Tom Adamson, with a passion for photography, he is always on adventures with his cameras.

Outside Broadcastersplus

"To produce our live Azteca concert, we would have needed to have 9 live trucks. I cannot even imagine how much I would have to pay for a truck in Dallas, to buy satellite time, and it’s not only Dallas, it’s New York, Santa Maria, Phoenix, San Antonio and even Hermosillo, Mexico. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars and the logistics of each location. With Teradek Bond II and Cube, the IP workflow allowed us to achieve this. This is way more reliable than the traditional way of doing TV. I can only recommend to use Teradek because it doesn’t fail."

Jorge Meté, Director of News & Community Outreach, Azteca TV