Our products and solutions encompass a variety of technologies, designed and engineered to ensure equipment to "capture the moment".

These technologies range from traditional mechanical engineered products, for example manual camera supports, through to electronics and software. Nonetheless the user is the same – an image maker or content creator – whether engaged by a broadcaster, film or other production company, a corporate, educational or religious establishment, operating as an independent business, or an amateur.

Independent Content Creatorsplus

"Before, you'd need a whole broadcast truck with expensive camera equipment to stream live. Now, there's the Teradek VidiU Pro which lets you achieve that same quality of broadcast and all you need is an internet connection and a camera. It’s incredible."

Sean Kurdziolek, Founder, Portraits and Gallery

Independent Content Creators

"The JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Rig is the most versatile and simplistic creation tool in existence. It's light, durable, all-in-one capability makes it the perfect companion tool for day-to-day travel needs. Having the strength to handle heavier phones with lens adapters and arms for microphones, cameras and lights make this an answer to what many bloggers and creative filmmakers look for in a creation tool."

Brian Corsello, MightJax, Inc.

Broadcasters and TV Networksplus

"Recording classical music in a concert hall is actually the worst thing, because you don't have light, and you don't want to disturb the orchestra or the audience, so you have to be invisible and silent. The fan, pan/tilt head and camera had to make absolutely no noise – the Vinten FHR-35 remote head was the only combination we could find that offered this."

Robert Zimmermann, MD, Berlin Phil Media

Broadcasters and TV Networks


"This new Flowtech tripod is adaptive, lightweight, and durable – it's a complete game changer. With just this one tripod I was able to film eye level with smaller animals and then get high to film birds in canopies. This level of versatility in a tripod's design is going to disrupt the industry."

Filipe DeAndrade, Wildlife Filmmaker


Cinematographers for Filmsplus

"When you have 700-800 people on the set of Thor:Ragnarok, there can't be any delays, so we need everything to be working guaranteed every time. In the thousands of hours we've spent on set using it on our drones, the Teradek Bolt 3000 has never failed us once. We've tested other products out there before, but Teradek is truly the brand big productions expect to see on set."

Stephen Oh, CEO and Producer, XM2

Cinematographers for Films

"It's one of my most reliable pieces of support equipment. Everybody is familiar with the head, the crew are used to OConnor as it is the industry standard – a nice, easy bit of kit that people know well."

Ben Wilson ACO, Camera Operator for "Game of Thrones"

Lighting Specialistsplus

"The versatility of the Litepanels Gemini light is amazing! I was able to quickly change the intensity and colour temperature and dim the output so the light was perfect for my high speed shots."

Steve Romano, Director of Photography

Lighting Specialists

Pro Photographers and Videographersplus

"Gitzo tripods have been my choice for over twenty years shooting for National Geographic in all kinds of conditions around the world. What is exciting to me about Gitzo is they continue to innovate and improve their products."

Tim Laman, Wildlife Photojournalist

Pro Photographers and Videographers

"Behind every powerful image, there's often a series of challenges that have to be met in order to capture that image. With that in mind, my choice of equipment is fundamental. The Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee backpack is built to accommodate my passion."

Philip Thurston, Outdoor Photographer and filmmaker

Pro Photographers and Videographers

Amateur Photographersplus

"This Lowepro Flipside backpack looks awesome! I instantly saw myself walking through the woods, climbing mountains and making a fashion statement with my friends. All I have to do is take off the shoulder straps, turn the pack around my body and voila! Everything is presented in front of me as if it was lying open on a table. Great job whoever thought of this design! This truly is the most comfortable camera backpack I have ever worn."

Mark Behrens, Panoptic Chopsticks

Amateur Photographers

Bloggers and vLoggersplus

"The CSNY showroom in Brooklyn is really great for the community. It's important to be able to actually see and hold the products in the real world before buying them. It's also reassuring to be able to speak with people who understand the nuances of professional film equipment."

Matt Workman, Vlogger, Cinematography Database

Bloggers and vLoggers

"Filming in real world situations, you've got to be quick! It's super helpful to have gear as versatile as the Manfrotto TwistGrip System, a super handy tool that will take the camera in your pocket to the next level for video."

Juliana Broste, Travel Journalist

Bloggers and vLoggers


"Every church has a story to tell, whether conservative or contemporary, large or small. Especially during the holiday season, you can take your Church's story to the world with Live Video streaming. And no matter the size of your congregation, Teradek has the gear to help you share your services."

Tyler Riddle, AV Director, OC Grace Church