Vitec's strategy is to focus on the "image capture and content creation" market.

Vitec operates in one of the most exciting global markets; that of image capture and content creation. This dynamic market has been transformed over the past decade and will continue to change. Driven by new media and technological innovation, image capture and content creation has grown exponentially, with millions of videos and still images taken and shared every day. This drives sustained demand for new and replacement products as customers take advantage of new technologies.

Our focus is on supplying a wide range of premium products for broadcasters, cinematographers, independent content creators, photographers and videographers to enable them to capture and share content. This content can be video footage or still images and can be produced in a studio, on location, in an enterprise or at home.

We position our brands at the premium end of the market with technically advanced products. We are focused on developing new products to enable our customers to think and work differently, to capture and share world-class content in multiple ways.

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Our strategic priorities

Improve the core plus

We leverage our premium brands and strong market positions to improve and strengthen our traditional business. We continue to develop innovative products and services while focusing on operational efficiencies.

Focus on new markets and technologies plus

We invest resources into new and faster growing markets and technologies to underpin future growth, launching products in new addressable markets and to new end users.

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Get closer to customers plus

Vitec has strong relationships with its customers and end users. We are enhancing our distribution channels and collaborating with key market players to form more durable and strategic relationships that are less susceptible to commoditisation. Direct e-commerce has also become an important growth driver for the Photographic Division.

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Expand in APAC plus

Geographical expansion is another key focus, especially in APAC, which we believe is a particularly attractive medium-term growth market with good opportunities.

Corporate development plus

We continue to supplement organic growth with carefully targeted acquisitions. We have a strong track record in making and integrating acquisitions and we will continue to look for opportunities that meet our criteria for financial returns and strategic fit. Our people are our most important asset and we aim to recruit, develop and retain suitable talent to support the business.