We provide vital products and solutions that support the capture and sharing of exceptional images.



Our commitment is founded on a set of core values that form the Vitec Mindset: 

Exceptional product performance

"Everything we make and do is exceptional."

We set the highest standards of technical performance and support which reflect our obsession with quality and excellence in manufacturing.


Customer Focus

"We are nothing without our customers."

Our focus is always on the customer; we support them no matter what changes and challenges they face.


Leading a fast changing market

"We are constantly looking to break new ground."

We apply our creativity and harness our diversity to engineer innovative new products and solutions that do what image makers need them to do.


Global capability

"We work better when we work together."

We share knowledge, pool resources, test ideas and learn from each other; working together to deliver a complete solution to customers.


Transparency, integrity, respect

"What you see is what you get."

We hold to the highest professional and corporate standards to optimise performance; for our customers, our suppliers and our people.