Tony Mendoza Q&A Engineer, Teradek, Creative Solutions

“Being able to work on industry-leading technologies has always been a huge goal of mine, and Teradek has made it possible. Here, I get to work alongside people with the same appreciation for innovative hardware/software designs, providing both an exciting and fulfilling environment for me to be in.”

Q&A Engineer, Teradek, Creative Solutions Division, Irvine, US

Audrey Chang Ditrector of Regional Sales & Marketing - APAC, Vitec Production Solutions

“Being offered the opportunity to lead the Sales and Marketing team in APAC shows that Vitec truly practises diversity. But practising diversity should be coupled with merit, and I believe that I was selected, and also thankful to be given the opportunity, to lead the region based on my proven ability and credibility gained over the years at Vitec.”

Directors of Regional Sales & Marketing, Vitec Production Solutions, Asia Pacific

Charlie Hutchinson Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, Group

“My role at Vitec’s head office allows me to focus on the detail of each Division’s financial performance, made possible by a culture of open communication across the Group. I enjoy coming to work for the positive environment and the huge variety of work, which is more interesting every day as Vitec evolves and grows.”

Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, Group, Richmond, UK

Enrico Grando Manufacturing Director, Imaging Solutions Division

“The company is continuing to invest in development and this is extremely motivating for employees. I have seen the power of the team in our business through the engagement and deployment of our strategic plan and the achievement of our targets. I’m proud to be part of this, and passionate about what we do.”

Manufacturing Director, Imaging Solutions Division, Italy

Victor Chen Senior Electrical Engineer – Technologist, Production Solutions Division

“Litepanels has a great history in revolutionising LED lighting in our industry and I love the fact that I have been able to continue to explore a breadth of new technologies and create innovative lighting products that will continue to change the way lighting is done.  My coworkers are incredibly talented in their disciplines and being in this culture where we are empowered to explore new technologies is terrific.”

Senior Electrical Engineer – Technologist, Production Solutions Division, Chatsworth, US

Kevin Crandall Senior Director Asian Operation Systems & HK Site Manger, Vitec Imaging Solutions

“It's no small thing to find yourself in the midst if a dynamic and talented team. At once, challenging and rewarding, Vitec fosters a winning attitude I am proud to be a part of.”

Senior Director Asian Operation Systems & HK Site Manager, Vitec Imaging Solutions, China

Andy Murrow Team Leader - Current Engineering, Production Solutions Division

“Most of my 39 years at Vitec have been spent designing camera support equipment. I have found this to be a very challenging but rewarding experience. In my earlier years, the products were mainly for the Vinten brand. Gradually, over time, other brands have joined the Vitec fold and I have relished the challenge of developing various products for Sachtler and OConnor, amongst others. Working on these projects has involved collaborating with colleagues at many Vitec sites worldwide, broadening my experience.”

Team Leader - Current Engineering, Production Solutions Division, UK

Kurry Williams CSLA Office Manager, Creative Solutions Division

“Working among colleagues that support each other and grant space for creativity in every aspect of the job has inspired me to strive for greatness within the Vitec Group. We are the future of entertainment and I couldn’t be happier to be part of it.”

CSLA Office Manager, Creative Solutions Division, Los Angeles, US

Tobias Rumschoettel Key Account Manager B2B/Pro Video/Lighting, Imaging Solutions Division

“Interacting a lot with professional filmmakers and videographers, I enjoy very much to see how our products improve the results of their work, help to simplify their workflows and how their feedback is influencing our future innovations.”

Key Account Manger B2B/Pro Video/Lighting, Imaging Solutions Division, Germany

Claudia Rossi Communications Manager, JOBY, Vitec Imaging Solutions

"My whole experience in the Group has been an exciting roller-coaster. Moving from Italy to our Petaluma, US offices to join the Lowepro and JOBY Communications team has been my most recent challenge. The Company has given me a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth."

Claudia Rossi, Communications Manager, JOBY, Vitec Imaging Solutions, US

Robert Grana Technical Writer, Teradek, Creative Solutions Division

“I really love the reputation our technology and brand have in the industry. When I work on video productions in Hollywood, I always see Teradek products being used on set. People recognize our name, and that’s something I’m proud to be a part of.”

Technical Writer, Teradek, Creative Solutions Division, Irvine, US

Paul Hill Marketing Director, Imaging Solutions Division

“Working in a dynamic and creative industry like photography in itself is rewarding.  Being a part of the business that is leading this industry forward is even more special.  In my role, I am able to play a key part in bringing innovative new products to market and helping them flourish.  It has been nearly 3 years since I joined; the pace and direction of change has been immense and will, I’m sure, only continue as we welcome new brands and partners into our family making us even stronger for the years to come.”

Marketing Director, Imaging Solutions Division, UK

Deepak Braganza Regional Sales Director, Production Solutions Division

“One of the best things about working for Vitec is how much we care about our customers and how ensure customer satisfaction. That keeps me going when I run into setbacks in my course of work. I realize that, hey this thing that I'm working on, this is going to impact thousands of people in this industry!”

Regional Sales Director, South Asia, Production Solutions Division

John Geoghan Assembly Manager, RTMotion, Creative Solutions Division

"Immediately upon starting employment with RTMotion it was clear the working environment is certainly unique compared to anywhere I have previously worked. The friendly openness and availability to approach any member of the team for help, information, advise or to put forward ideas for improvement are constantly met with enthusiasm. The challenges of meeting targets and goals are always communicated clearly, enabling us to work as an informed, driven and passionate team. I enjoy the fast moving pace and always feel fully supported in my role." 

Assembly Manager, RTMotion, Creative Solutions Division, UK

Saema Rab HR Business Partner APAC, Imaging Solutions Division

“One of the core values of the Company is “collaboration” and it can be seen in every aspect of the business, from relationship with customers to the focus on employees. Whether it is personal or professional growth you are after, at Vitec you will achieve both with highly skilled colleagues and top brands in the imaging industry.”

HR Business Partner APAC, Imaging Solutions Division, APAC

Tobias Keuthen Director, Global Brand Management, Production Solutions Division

"I’ve seen our business develop from single operated entities to one large operation of powerful brands offering state-of-the-art solutions for the ever evolving photo and broadcast markets, engaging with customers and partners all over the world."

Tobias Keuthen, Director, Global Brand Management, Los Angeles, US

Kaitlin McNaughton Director of Strategy, Wooden Camera, Creative Solutions Division

“As a filmmaker, it is exciting to be a part of Wooden Camera as we continue to release innovative products, many of which are in conjunction with our sister brands. I enjoy early access to new cameras and gear as well as making valuable connections with industry professionals. Having started as a part time photographer with the company, I now coordinate our marketing efforts across social media and online, including a complete overhaul of our website in 2016.”

Director of Strategy, Wooden Camera, Creative Solutions Division, Texas, US

Dorian Backus Sales Director, SmallHD, Creative Solutions Division

"Working for SmallHD has been an amazing journey for me both career wise and personally. I've had vertical career opportunities which have given me great satisfaction and continue to be a big motivator for me personally. Additionally I really enjoy the team atmosphere and very much look forward to our continued success into 2018 and beyond.”

Sales Director, SmallHD, Creative Solutions Division