Tobias Keuthen Director, Global Brand Management, Production Equipment

"I’ve seen our business develop from single operated entities to one large operation of powerful brands offering state-of-the-art solutions for the ever evolving photo and broadcast markets, engaging with customers and partners all over the world."

Tobias Keuthen, Director, Global Brand Management, Los Angeles, US

Andrew Butler Product Manager, Anton/Bauer, Production Equipment

"My 10 years at Vitec has been incredibly rewarding. Especially seeing how my contribution has helped customers through huge technical and business model changes in the broadcast and film making industries."

Andrew Butler, Product Manager – Anton/Bauer, Bury St. Edmunds, UK

Joe Teodosio Training Manager, Production Equipment

"It gives me enormous pride to impart my knowledge of the ever changing broadcast industry to our customers, dealers and students, and to see the immediate impact of them having a greater understanding of our innovative products."

Joe Teodosio, Training Manager - The Americas, Connecticut, US

Nicki Squares Global Planning Manager, Production Equipment

"The launch of a number of high volume, new products through our factories presents a very exciting time for Vitec. Preparing for our Bury St. Edmunds site move, ensuring a seamless transfer to our new facility without any interruption to our customers, and a new business system upgrade, are all exciting projects to be involved with."

Nicki Squares, Global Planning Manager, Bury St. Edmunds, UK

Greg Smokler Co-Founder, Paralinx, Creative Solutions

"As an entrepreneur faced with the prospect of selling my first company to Vitec, I didn’t know what to expect. However, in the two years since our acquisition I’ve been blown away by the ability to work with talented people, abundant technological resources and a global reach to the most interesting and diverse customers in the world."

Greg Smokler, Co-Founder, Paralinx, Los Angeles, US

Tom Ohanian Vice President of Product Development and Product Marketing, VitecEV

"We are supporting a new demographic of customers who are producing new product introduction videos, broadcasting interactive town hall meetings for employees globally, creating video libraries of training content and sharing business updates using all of Vitec’s products plus new software applications and services."

Tom Ohanian, Vice President of Product Development and Product Marketing, Los Angeles, US

Nick Tsang Product Marketing Manager Bags, Photographic Division

"Being a photo hobbyist myself I enjoy talking to our customers very much. In the past 10 years I’ve been given the opportunity to travel extensively to get closer to our end-users and customers, listening to their requirements on camera carrying solutions. Now I can use my knowledge and experience to develop new products during my secondment to Italy."

Nick Tsang, Product Marketing Manager Bags, Italy

Robert Magness Regional Manager, Photographic Division

"As an experienced photographer, who integrates smart phone image taking into my projects, I am the customer both Manfrotto and Apple look to engage. Blending my consumer experience with Apple’s and Manfrotto’s trusted branding, we were able to create new products and develop new markets."

Robert Magness, Regional Manager, West Coast, Manfrotto Distribution US, New Jersey, US

Adam Mirabella Executive VP of Global Partnerships, Photographic Division

"We spend a great deal of time getting to know our customers so we can cater our offerings to their consumers. This year we were able to grow our business with a number of important companies by customising products and promotions for them."

Adam Mirabella, Executive VP of Global Partnerships, Manfrotto Distribution US, New Jersey, US

Sarah Markun Marketing Systems Director, Production Equipment

"It is great to see my vision for a “single view of the customer” through developing, giving more visibility of the interactions our customers have with us via their digital body language (website visits, email interactions) to orders placed, revenue results, cases and product warranty registrations. I'm excited to see how we develop the tool to empower our sales team even more."

Sarah Markun, Marketing Systems Director, Bury St. Edmunds, UK

Saema Rab HR Business Partner APAC, Photographic Division

"In my role as an HR professional I’ve been given a 360-degree view of the business, its strategy and the markets we work in. I’m now working in Asia with the best professionals in the field, learning everything from marketing to finance and learning more about our products."

Saema Rab, HR Business Partner APAC, Hong Kong

Felix Belloin Group Development Executive, Group Head Office

"I started as an intern and have now been taken on full time at the Group head office, where I am learning about the Group’s strategy and have the opportunity to review and analyse potential acquisition targets around the world."

Felix Belloin, Group Development Executive, Richmond, UK

Silvia Quesada Intergrated Management System Engineer, Production Equipment

"I like working at Vitec because of the commitment of all its staff and the positive work environment. I have been able to develop, achieving personal and professional goals through learning new leadership skills and having the freedom to make decisions to complete my projects successfully."

Silvia Quesada, Integrated Management System Engineer, Costa Rica

Steve Manning Production, Production Equipment

"During 19 years at Vitec I have worked on many projects and been given countless opportunities to use and learn new, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to produce our market leading products and also help advance my skills."

Steve Manning, Production, Bury St. Edmunds, UK

Claudia Rossi Digital Marketing & Community Manager, Photographic Division

"Communication is my passion and I’m always excited to find new ways to engage with our community and to better understand the needs of our end users. I’ve been involved in Manfrotto’s development of social media and digital communications platforms to drive our online engagement opportunities."

Claudia Rossi, Digital Marketing & Community Manager, Italy

Francis Passo Diffo Customer Service, Photographic Division

"Vitec/Manfrotto is a very innovative group and I'm currently in the customer service department of Manfrotto Distribution Italy: a position with a multidisciplinary aspect. We never stop to learning ( new products, new procedures...) in order ensure our customers the best. This is all the more important given that my other passion is the sales, I enjoy contact and communication with clients."

Francis Passo Diffo, Customer Service, Italy

Jose Daniel Brenes Continuous Improvement Engineer, Production Equipment

"Vitec has allowed me to learn about the importance of teamwork to achieve the goals of lean projects in the company, of cost reduction and process improvement."

José Daniel Brenes, Continuous Improvement Engineer, Costa Rica