Our people are key to Vitec’s future. They make the difference not only by what they do, but by how they do it. Their attitude and abilities, talent and commitment create a Vitec culture that naturally supports product excellence, creative solutions and integrity.

Our employees are critical to our success. Passionate, motivated and skilled employees in safe working environments directly contribute to our strategy, performance and reputation. We focus our initiatives on subjects such as engagement, wellbeing, working environment, diversity, employee benefits and training.

We aim to provide our employees with an engaging and stimulating environment where they are encouraged to learn and develop. We communicate with our employees on a regular basis, keeping them informed of business performance at a Group, Divisional and Business Unit level.

We continue to invest in improving the work environment for our employees, creating contemporary spaces with upgraded technology and communication systems that enable collaboration and personal efficiency.

We employ around 1,700 employees in 11 countries who are managed in accordance with local employment legislation, policies and our organisational values. Attracting the talent we need and retaining their commitment to our organisation in all of the territories we operate in has required the organisation to adopt comprehensive benefits packages, to support our employees and remain competitive in a global market where talent is in short supply.

Learning and development activity continues to take place in accordance with personal development plans, results of annual performance appraisals and organisational need. Talent reviews of senior employees were expanded to include succession planning matrices, to fully understand the organisation’s capacity and capability for achieving its strategic plans.

Vitec aims to be a responsible employer providing attractive opportunities for our people to develop. With a committed workforce, ensuring diversity and non-discrimination, Vitec is committed to respecting the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights with an express prohibition on discrimination of any kind. Our approach to diversity has always followed a strict policy of sourcing the best person for the role irrespective of race, gender, age, religion, sexual preference or disability. Flexible working policies have been introduced in all major business units, allowing all employees, regardless of gender, to request flexible working. This is usually granted, unless the needs of the business cannot otherwise be met. We continue to strive to employ a diverse workforce.