The Board is responsible to all Vitec stakeholders for providing strong leadership and effective decision-making to ensure the continued success of the Group and the implementation of our strategy.

We strive to work in accordance with best corporate governance practice and evolve these practices and procedures to deliver long-term sustainable shareholder value. You can read the full text of our latest Corporate Governance report via the link below:

Download full Corporate Governance report (Annual Report 2019)


Board diversity policy

The Board considers the issue of diversity for every appointment. The overriding objective however is to ensure that the Board appoints the best person for every role rather than filling quotas. As part of this, the Board has adopted a policy on diversity as set out below:

Vitec recognises the importance of a fully diverse workforce in the sucessful delivery of its strategy. The effective use of all the skills and talents of our employees is encouraged and this extends to potential new employees. It is essential that the best person for the job is selected regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, physical ability or nationality. Vitec is fully committed to equal opportunity where talent is recognised. The Board will keep under regular review the issue of diversity including at Board level, senior management level and throughout the entire workforce, taking into account, among other things, Lord Davies' review, Women on Boards, the Hampton-Alexander review, FTSE Women Leaders and the Parker and McGregor-Smith reviews on Ethnic Diversity. We will report upon this annually in our Annual Report.


Remuneration Policy

Vitec's Remuneration Report for 2019 can be downloaded here:

Download full Remuneration report (Annual Report 2019)