Performance graph of the Company’s ordinary shares compared to comparator group

From 2013, the Company is required to include a line graph showing the Company’s ordinary share performance compared to an appropriate index initially over a five year period, but building up to a ten year performance period over subsequent years. The graph below illustrates the Company’s annual Total Shareholder Return (TSR) (share price growth plus dividends that have been declared, paid and reinvested in the Company’s shares) relative to the FTSE 250 for the preceding eight year period, assuming an initial investment of £100. This index has been chosen since it is the comparator group (excluding financial services companies and investment trusts) for one of the performance conditions tied to awards under the LTIP.

The Committee notes that the FTSE 250 index is a recognised broad market equity index, relatively complex and international in nature and is comparable to the Company’s business operations where approximately 90% of revenues are generated outside the UK.

Each point is a 30 trading day average of the indices. TSR data is taken from Datastream.