Our Vision

To ensure our employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them in conducting business in the right way with a common set of values. We expect our business partners to abide by standards that are compatible with our own.


Our approach

Vitec’s Code of Conduct sets out our values, beliefs and behaviours and has been communicated to all employees and business partners. We train our employees on key issues including bribery and corruption, inside information, conflicts of interest and good governance, and promote an independent whistleblowing service as a back-up control.


Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct (“Code”) forms the backbone of our culture, and provides clear guidance to our employees on how they are expected to behave towards colleagues, suppliers, customers, shareholders and on our wider responsibility to the communities within which we operate.

Our Code, which can be downloaded from this site, sets out our approach to business  integrity including an express prohibition on bribery, kickbacks, and political donations, along with guidance on gifts and hospitality, conflicts of interest, books and records, competition, share dealing, respect for the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, compliance with anti-slavery legislation, respect for the individual and privacy, diversity, health and safety, environmental sustainability, business partners and charitable donations.

Our Code has been communicated to all employees including new employees joining the Group and is available on the Group intranet translated into seven languages.. All employees are expected to comply with our Code and any violations are reported to local management or the Group Company Secretary for investigation.

Code of Conduct English - September 2015.pdf

Code of Conduct Chinese - September 2015.pdf

Code of Conduct French - September 2015.pdf

Code of Conduct German - September 2015.pdf

Code of Conduct Italian - September 2015.pdf

Code of Conduct Japanese - September 2015.pdf

Code of Conduct Latin American Spanish - September 2015.pdf


Anti-bribery and ethics

We have continued with the development of our employees’ understanding of anti-bribery and corruption as reflected in our Code. All senior employees within the Group have completed an online training module covering anti-bribery and corruption.

Agents and distributors have formal agreements in place which clearly prohibit bribery and set out our expectation on behaviour and values. We carry out due diligence on major customers and suppliers with a more detailed screening of backgrounds using a third party provider focusing on reputational risk. We have standardised due diligence with a common third party questionnaire and thorough reputational screening. The background screening and due diligence processes in place support our Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.


Training on Business Ethics

In 2016 we required all of our senior management team to undertake an online training module covering good corporate governance including issues such as share dealing, conflicts of interest, legal duties and other reputational issues. We will repeat such training in future years to ensure that our people are aware of the importance of the right corporate culture.



Operate an independent whistleblowing service in conjunction with EXPOLINK. This enables any employee or third party who feels that the normal reporting channels through line management or business relationships are not appropriate, to confidentially report on any issues around dishonesty, fraud, bribery, malpractice, bullying, unfair treatment, unsafe working practices or other Code contraventions.

In accordance with a clearly documented procedure, all reports are notified to the Group Company Secretary, the Group Chief Executive and the Chairman of the Audit Committee, and are investigated independently by senior management who are not connected to the report. The outcome of investigations is reported to the Chairman of the Audit Committee. All whistleblowing reports are independently investigated with remedial action taken where necessary.

This service has been communicated to all employees with posters prominently visible at all sites, a letter from the Group Chief Executive and a letter from EXPOLINK explaining the service to ensure that it remains visible and understood. The documents are also available on the Group intranet with all literature and communications translated into several languages. The use of the whistleblowing service confirms that our culture permits employees to raise concerns in a constructive way without fear of recrimination.

Contact details for the service are as follows. It is noted that any such calls will be treated confidentially and you can remain anonymous if you so wish.

  • UK – 0800 374199
  • USA – 1877 533 5310
  • Italy – 800 783776
  • Germany – 0800 182 3246
  • France – 0800 900240
  • Netherlands – 0800 022 9026
  • Japan – 00531 78 0023
  • Singapore – 800 4411 140
  • China – 00 800 3838 3000 / 10800 441 0078
  • Costa Rica – 0800 0440101
  • Israel - 1809446487
  • Brazil – 0800 891 8807
  • Hong Kong – 800 930770