Our vision

To strengthen, support and integrate with the local communities and economies where we operate.


Our approach

We invest in projects that align with our values and look for opportunities to contribute our specialist skills in the creative arts or engineering, using our products and core skills to create a positive impact in our local communities.


The positive power of images

As a leading player in the image capture and sharing market, we believe in the positive power of images to convey ideas, create wealth and positive social and environmental value. Our employees are experts in photography, videography, engineering and technology, and we aim to share this knowledge constructively to enable positive social and environmental outcomes. In particular we focus on ways in which our products and skills can benefit those who are disadvantaged.


Supporting and strengthening our communities

The following are a few examples of positive contributions we made in 2017 in the communities in which we operate:

Investing in future industry talent

Vitec often donates or lends its professional photographic, TV and cinematic equipment to educational institutions around the world in order to assist with the upskilling of future talent in the image capture and sharing industry.

Production Solutions regularly donates to technical schools in the local communities where they operate in Shelton, US and in Costa Rica; in 2017 in Japan, Imaging Solutions' products were given as prizes in a photography competition held between 500 high schools across the country; Creative Solutions' Teradek loaned equipment to film a local high school surf competition.

Students from Technical College in Costa Rica.

Wooden Camera, part of Creative Solutions, has a long-standing affiliation with The University of North Texas ("UNT") ever since co-founder Ryan Schorman graduated from there in 2006. Wooden Camera supports the development of talent in the Independent Content Creator market by providing technical support in the optimisation of the cameras and accessories in the University's film programme. In addition, the company donated specialist equipment to the University to the equivalent value of $10,000 in 2017. As a passionate proponent of independent film content creation, Ryan sits on the Media Arts Executive Board at UNT, where he advises on the film programme, judges film contests and contributes to scholarships.

The University of North Texas has a long standing affiliation with Wooden Camera.

In the UK, Vitec has been a long-time supporter of The Vinten Trust which was set up by the original founder of the company that became Vitec, William Vinten. The Trust is a charitable foundation whose aim is to pursue initiatives which increase interest from students at schools and colleges in the Bury St. Edmunds area in science and technology subjects. As part of this support provided to the Trust, the UK Production Solutions team hosted 47 local students at their site in Bury St. Edmunds during half term holidays to help them learn about careers in engineering.

Students in Bury St. Edmunds learning about careers in engineering.

Picture of Life

Imaging Solutions' Picture of Life project, now in its fourth year, is a photography education initiative comprising a three-month training programme for young people who have faced hardship and disenfranchisement. Starting out as a collaboration between Vitec and the Italian Justice Ministry in 2014, photographers from the Manfrotto School of Xcellence teach techniques, lighting and street photography. The course is a way of rehabilitating and re-energising these young people.

Vitec supports the project by donating and setting up a permanent photography studio in the project centres, by providing participants with the photographic equipment they need for the duration of the programme, and by organising all aspects of the course.

Since its initial launch in Italy, the initiative has proved so successful that it has been replicated in New York, US, Shanghai, China, and the UK. In 2017, an international competition took place resulting in a touring exhibition to showcase some of the most impressive photographs from students around the world. The exhibition, which was launched in Rome in December, and will move to London, New York and other cities in 2018, has already been visited by hundreds of people.

"As with everything else in life, you need to feel it is your own, love it and then apply yourself and study. Otherwise you cannot learn. I feel like a richer person now. For me, photography is really important."

Mohamadou, 18 year old participant in the 2017 Picture of Life programme.

Mohamadou, receiving his certificate from the 2017 Picture of Life programme.

Contributing to the local economy

In December 2017, Production Solutions was honoured to receive an Award from the Costa Rican Chamber of Exporters (“CADECXO”) which recognised our outstanding contribution to export efforts in industrial manufacturing in the country. The Award was presented to Julio Lizano, Vice President Global Operations, Vitec Production Solutions Division, by the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solís.

A significant player in terms of export volumes in the country and an employer of nearly 200 local jobs, Vitec was also recognised for its strong contribution in the local supply chain: 50% of its components used in manufacturing come from local suppliers, thereby creating a further 300 jobs with more than 30 Costa Rican suppliers.

The President of Costa Rica and Julio Lizano of Vitec

Apprenticeships and work experience initiatives

Around the world, Vitec businesses have continued to offer work placements and internships for students of engineering and film studies. In the US, Production Solutions hosts engineering students within their team at Shelton, who assist with the design, implementation and support of new and existing products whilst gaining real world experience. In Costa Rica, a total of 15 students had placements at the Production Solutions site for two months; some of these students were offered full time roles at the end of the period.

Students on a two-month placement in Costa Rica