Our vision

To be the preferred employer for the very best people in our sector by providing an entrepreneurial environment that offers opportunities for our people to develop and thrive.


Our approach

To attract, retain and grow a talented workforce, providing equal opportunities for all, whilst nurturing a sense of pride in being part of Vitec.


Our people are a key asset for the Group

Our employees are the best in the sector, our greatest single asset and critical to our success. Passionate, motivated and skilled employees in safe working environments directly contribute to our strategy, performance and reputation.

In 2017, we continued to focus time and resources on engaging, motivating and developing our employees, executing initiatives designed to improve the working environment, increase diversity, expand skillsets, and ensure health and wellbeing.

The Group runs a decentralised approach to operational management ensuring the individual cultures and needs of the brands can be met at a Divisional level where managers are closest to the needs of the people and the business. Maintaining the entrepreneurial essence of our brands is central to our ethos and ongoing success.

However, we believe that the value the Group can bring is in facilitating a culture of best practice, sharing and ensuring that policies and procedures are elevated to a high international standard.

In October 2017, 60 senior leaders from the three Divisions and Head Office met in the UK to input into the Company's strategic plan. Plenary and workshop sessions were held, where the Operations Executive shared the Group's strategy and vision, and agreed with the team what success would look like. The group explored how Vitec was organised and what needed to change to optimise our performance. The attendees also refreshed the Group's purpose and values, and agreed Divisional plans to implement the strategy, and communicate and engage all employees across the Group.

In October, we also held a Divisional HR Conference – sharing best practice, making sure there were robust processes in all Divisions, and agreed shared priorities for the coming year.

Below: Cassola and Feltre employees participated in a multi company football and volleyball competition in the summer, collecting money for charity and fostering team building.


Employee engagement

We aim to provide our employees with an engaging and stimulating environment where they are encouraged to learn and develop. We communicate with our employees on a regular basis, keeping them informed of business performance at a Group and Divisional level. Reflecting the diverse global nature of our employees we use multiple channels and a variety of media to communicate.

Business overviews, focusing on results and key events, are shared with all employees via global communication videos presented by the Group Chief Executive which are uploaded to the Group intranet, with translations available.

Alongside Group-wide communications, employees receive briefings on performance and business issues on a regular basis from Divisional senior management.

More informal communications also take place around the various divisions: breakfast with the CEO is an informal opportunity for employees in our Imaging Solutions Division to exchange ideas and express opinions on current business strategies; in our Production Solutions US office, “Time Out” is a monthly activity combining social time including quizzes and food with Vitec updates.

A number of other initiatives to keep employees engaged in the workplace and provide a chance to relax with colleagues were undertaken at sites around the world. These included Thanksgiving and Christmas lunches, wellness fairs, on-site massages, meditation coaching, sporting classes and competitions, and cooking contests.

Below: Employees in the US Imaging Solutions office at a regular team briefing


Health and Safety

The provision of a healthy, safe and productive work environment for all of our employees and third parties on our sites is a priority for Vitec, for which all of our management and employees are responsible. It is an important part of our culture to ensure that all our colleagues are able to work in a safe and secure environment.

We promote the need for excellent health and safety procedures in compliance with the Group's Health and Safety Policy, which is available on our website. This policy sets Group-wide guidelines for the prevention of accidents and work-related ill-health, and provides guidance for the adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work-related accidents.

All accidents and near misses, whether they result in absence from work or not, are reported, with remedial action identified and implemented to prevent repeat occurrences. Reporting is prompt and any accident resulting in over three days' absence is reported to senior management as well as the Group Chief Executive within 24 hours.

Our five-year accident record is shown below, and details the number of accidents resulting in over three days' absence from work across the Group. There were seven such accidents in 2017 compared to four in 2016. Each of these accidents has been fully investigated and key issues identified to try to ensure it is not repeated.

Below: Stephen Bird and Martin Green address colleagues at the Creative Solutions site in Irvine, California.


Our five year accident record (over 3 days absence)

There have been no work-related fatalities since the Group began collating health and safety statistics in 2002.

All major sites have Health and Safety Committees who hold regular meetings to review safety, ensure that operating practices are safe and address potential safety concerns. At the Imaging Solutions manufacturing sites in Feltre, Italy and Ashby-dela-Zouch, UK, daily observation procedures have been set up to observe employees' health and safety behaviour in the workplace. In 2017, a total of 66,000 work actions were observed at both sites with an average of 99.9% compliance with safe working practices.

The Production Solutions sites in Cartago, Costa Rica and Bury St. Edmunds, UK as well as the Imaging Solutions sites in Cassola and Feltre, Italy, have had their OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety accreditations confirmed again for 2017. Our sites in Cassola and Feltre in Italy continue to promote the "Are you working safely?" campaign which provides regular tips on health and safety.


Health and wellbeing

The Company continues to prioritise the provision of healthy working environments for our staff. The new site at Bury St. Edmunds, UK, which is due to open in H1 2018, has been developed following a detailed consultation with staff. It provides upgraded facilities, including a new, open-plan office environment, on-site catering, which will form the hub of the site, access to car share and bike schemes to make travelling to work easier.

Various Vitec locations are now providing free or subsidised healthy eating facilities onsite, and workplace health and gym memberships. The Production Solutions business in Costa Rica supports the Vitec Runners – a group of 15 employees who participated in ten fundraising running events in 2017.

Below: New open-plan office at Bury St. Edmunds, UK



We employ around 1,700 people in 11 countries who are managed in accordance with local employment legislation, policies and our organisational values. Attracting the talent we need and retaining their commitment to our organisation in all of the territories where we operate, has required the organisation to adopt comprehensive benefits packages to support our employees and remain competitive in a global market where talent is in short supply.

Employees in the UK, Italy, US, Costa Rica, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Netherlands and Germany are given the opportunity to join an all-employee Sharesave scheme on an annual basis, enabling the employee to save to purchase shares in the Company at a discounted rate. Employees save a fixed monthly amount of up to £350 (or foreign currency equivalent in other territories) over a fixed term (usually three years but two years in the US) with the option to purchase a fixed number of shares at a discount of up to 20% on the prevailing share price at the time of the offer. In 2017, over 450 employees shared in the maturity of the 2014/2015 Sharesave Scheme making an average gain of £5 per share. As an all-employee share scheme, this rewards employees at all levels in the organisation. Over 600 employees currently participate in the Sharesave scheme across these territories.

In the US, our employees participate in a consolidated Health Benefits Plan that provides a valued level of healthcare. Employees at the Cassola and Feltre sites in Italy benefit from the new Benefit Salute health care plan which has been promoted to provide an increasing number of services in line with our policies in terms of health, welfare and support of the individual employee. Similar plans are offered to employees in other territories.

Employees are also given the option to join pension plans appropriate to local markets. In the UK this involves a Company approved pension plan with minimum employer and employee contributions, and in the US a 401k plan. Since April 2014 in the UK, all employees except for those who have expressly opted out, are auto-enrolled into a qualifying pension plan.

Vitec offers a flexible work environment and is supportive of all employees enjoying a good work life balance. Flexible working policies are in place in most of our locations around the world, and a positive impact can be seen. For example, in our Production Solutions Division, recent changes introduced have meant several employees were able to reduce the time of their daily commute to work. Another aspect of creating a balance is an inclusive attitude towards employees' family life. In Italy, Imaging Solutions hosted two Summer Camps for children of employees offering a range of sports and training activities. These camps proved popular with employees with school-aged children as they helped to make life a little easier for parents to continue working during the European summer holiday period.


Training and development

Vitec aims to offer a comprehensive training and development programme, linked to performance reviews and development plans, for all employees. These are arranged at a Divisional level to ensure the needs of the relevant Division are met. In addition, in 2018 the Operations Executive will be reviewing its leadership and succession plans to ensure there is a structured approach to growing and developing the Company's future leaders.

All employees receive training on health and safety procedures that are appropriate to their line of work and environment. This may, for example, involve training in warehouse operations, working at heights, fire safety or more general initiatives to make employees aware of the dangers that can be encountered in the execution of their various duties.

To meet our goal of linking the performance management system with training and development needs, our Imaging Solutions Division also set up the MyTalent Academy to offer both soft and technical skills for around 300 employees that was linked to training needs identified in the appraisal process.

Much of Vitec's strength lies in the expert knowledge of our people. It is vital that our employees understand, and are passionate about, our products and technologies. In 2017, Imaging Solutions ran the “Shoot and Share” training programme - offering camera craft and technical training on the Divisions' products.

All Divisions within the Vitec Group continually review and expand training options for staff; for example in Costa Rica, Production Solutions offered over 500 training days in 2017.


Employee volunteering

We encourage a culture of active participation in the communities in which we operate and staff around the world give their time and money to various social programmes in their local communities. In 2017 both the Costa Rica and Shelton, US, teams within Production Solutions participated in the Red Cross Blood Drive, with over 65 staff opting to give blood on site during work hours at a time of severe shortages. In Costa Rica the team volunteered in a teenage community centre where Vitec participates annually in organising the Christmas lunch where gifts are donated by employees.

Below: The US Production Solutions team participating in the American Red Cross Blood Drive.


Diversity and inclusion

Vitec has an equal opportunities culture with an express prohibition on discrimination of any kind.

The Board continues to monitor progress on equality and the Group Chief Executive is responsible for developing diversity throughout the Group. The organisation's gender breakdown as at the end of 2017 was as follows:

  Number of men % of men Number of women % of women
Board 5 63% 3 37%
Operations Executive 8 80% 2 20%
Senior Management 32 91% 3 9%
Rest of organisation 1,074 70% 470 30%

Fixed term contractors are excluded from this list.

We recognise the importance of diversity throughout our workforce and the human resources teams continue with efforts to attract women to Vitec and encourage them to apply for promotions.

Vitec's approach to diversity has always followed a strict policy of sourcing the best person for the role irrespective of race, gender, age, religion, sexual preference or disability. We are keen to develop further the recruitment of talented women to the organisation at all levels and are developing policies and procedures across the Group to achieve this. Recruitment processes have been reviewed to ensure a diverse mix of candidates is reviewed and shortlisted for interviews, where appropriate, with a view to increasing the number of women in senior roles.

It is Vitec's policy that applications for employment by disabled persons are always fully considered, bearing in mind the respective aptitudes and abilities of the applicant concerned. In the event of employees becoming disabled, all reasonable effort is made to ensure that their employment within the Group continues. It is our policy that the training, career development and promotion of disabled persons should be, as far as possible, identical to that of all other employees.