Our vision

To be the preferred employer for the very best people in our sector by providing an entrepreneurial environment that offers opportunities for our people to develop and thrive.


Our approach

To attract, retain and grow a talented workforce, providing equal opportunities for all, whilst nurturing a sense of pride in being part of Vitec.


Our people

Our employees are the best in the sector, our greatest single asset and critical to our success. Passionate, motivated and skilled employees in safe working environments directly contribute to our strategy, performance and reputation.


Employee engagement

We aim to provide our employees with an engaging and stimulating entrepreneurial environment where they are encouraged to learn and develop. We communicate with our employees on a regular basis using multiple channels, keeping them informed of business performance at a Group and Divisional level.

Business overviews, results and key events are shared with employees via emails and videos from the Group Chief Executive which are uploaded to the Group intranet, displayed on noticeboards and translated into local languages. Employees also receive updates on performance and business issues on a regular basis from Divisional senior management.

More informal communications also take place around the various Divisions: for example, breakfast with the Divisional CEO is an informal opportunity for employees in our Vitec Imaging Solutions Division to exchange ideas and opinions on business strategies and in the Vitec Imaging Solutions US office, a monthly newsletter named “What’s Up” is distributed to all employees to keep them informed of important news about the business, upcoming training as well as birthdays, events and activities. In our Vitec Production Solutions US office, “Time Out” is a monthly activity combining social time including quizzes and food with Vitec updates. Employees are also encouraged to put colleagues forward for the “Employee of the Month” award, recognising and appreciating hard work and ingenuity.

A number of other initiatives and activities to keep employees engaged in the workplace and to bond with colleagues were undertaken at sites around the world. These included Thanksgiving and Christmas lunches, wellness fairs, on-site massages, meditation coaching, sporting classes and competitions, and cooking contests.


Health and well being

Vitec understands the importance of healthy and nurturing working environments for our staff. The new site at Bury St Edmunds, UK, which opened in March 2018, was developed following detailed consultation and involvement with employees. It provides upgraded facilities, including a new, open-plan office environment, on-site catering, which forms the hub of the site, as well as access to car share and bike schemes to make travelling to work easier.

Various Vitec locations are now providing free or subsidised healthy eating facilities on-site, and workplace health and gym memberships. All Vitec Production Solutions’ sites now have pre-booked on-site massage facilities which have received extremely positive feedback from employees. The Vitec Creative Solutions’ office in Irvine, US, has partnered with external agencies to bring in guest speakers during organised lunchbreaks to talk about mental and physical health in the workplace and how to deal with stress and have a good work/life balance.

In all sites and offices, healthy snacks and fruit are provided for employees as well as on-site shower facilities for those who wish to exercise on their way to work.


Health and safety

An important part of our culture and ethos is to ensure that all our colleagues are able to work in a safe and secure environment and we encourage our management and employees to actively take responsibility in this.

We promote robust health and safety procedures in compliance with the Group’s Health and Safety Policy. This policy sets guidelines for the prevention of accidents and work-related ill-health, and provides guidance for the adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work-related accidents.

All accidents and near misses are reported, whether they result in absence from work or not. Any remedial actions are identified and implemented to prevent repeat occurrences. Reporting is prompt and any accident resulting in over three days’ absence is reported to senior management as well as the Group Chief Executive within 24 hours.

Our five-year accident record is shown below, and details the number of accidents resulting in over three days’ absence from work across the Group. There were two such accidents in 2018 compared to seven in 2017. Each of these accidents has been fully investigated and key issues identified to try to ensure it is not repeated.

There have been no work-related fatalities since the Group began collating health and safety statistics in 2002.

All major sites have Health and Safety Committees who hold regular meetings to review safety, ensure that operating practices are safe and address potential safety concerns. At the Vitec Imaging Solutions manufacturing sites in Feltre, Italy and Ashby-de-la-Zouch, UK, daily observation procedures have been set up to observe employees’ health and safety behaviour in the workplace. In 2018, a total of 72,633 work actions were observed at both sites with an average of 99.9% in compliance with safe working practices.

SmallHD suffered a disruptive fire at an adjacent building in April 2018 that impacted its facility in Cary, North Carolina, US. Fortunately there were no injuries to our employees – however the impact was severe on the business. The employees of SmallHD responded positively and quickly in the aftermath of the fire, to ensure that our customers felt as little impact as possible. SmallHD relocated in November 2018 to a new 33,000 square feet facility also in Cary, US. This new facility provides an exceptional working space to allow innovative development and manufacture of world class monitors. The recovery process and the move was achieved through the hard work and dedication of SmallHD’s employees.

The Vitec Production Solutions sites in Cartago, Costa Rica and Bury St Edmunds, UK as well as the Imaging Solutions sites in Cassola and Feltre, Italy, had their OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety accreditations re-confirmed for 2018 and the Italian sites moved to the standard UNI EN ISO 45001 in early 2019.

Our Costa Rica facility recently volunteered for an external audit process conducted by the National Insurance Institute, a state entity that regulates and controls mandatory policies and procedures regarding occupational health and safety in Costa Rica. It was an excellent achievement that they won three awards: Gold award in General Health, Gold award in Occupational Health and the Silver award in Transportation Safety. In addition, as the only company that won awards in the three categories evaluated, Vitec Production Solutions in Costa Rica received special recognition with the 2018 Global Preventative Award (Premio Global Preventico 2018).

Below: Julio Lizano and Silvia Quesada collecting the 2018 Global Preventative Award in Costa Rica.



We employ around 1,800 people in 13 countries who are managed in accordance with local employment legislation, policies and our organisational values. The Group adopts and adapts comprehensive benefits packages as appropriate to ensure we attract and retain the right talent. These benefits assist in supporting our employees and allow us to remain competitive in a global market where talent is in short supply.

Super Sharesave is back!

We have offered our Sharesave scheme to all our employees in the following countries for many years: UK, US, Italy, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and now Australia following the acquisition of Adeal in 2018. Sharesave allows employees to save a fixed monthly amount between £5 and £500 with the option to purchase a fixed number of shares in the Company at a discount of up to 20% on the prevailing share price at the time of the offer. Sharesave is popular amongst our employees as a valuable employee benefit and we have specifically improved communication of Sharesave to employees to ensure it is well understood and that as many employees as possible participate in the scheme. This has included face-to-face presentations at key sites and eye-catching communications with a movie theme genre. In 2017 this was based on 1950s retro sci-fi with the “Sharesave Invasion” and in 2018 on super heroes with “Super Sharesave is Back!” Communications use plain language to explain Sharesave and the application and maturity process has been improved with online applications to streamline the process. As a consequence, participation rates have improved and by the end of 2018 nearly 1,000 Group employees participate in Sharesave across 11 countries and we plan to expand the scheme into Israel in 2019 following the acquisition of Amimon in November 2018.

In recognition of the improved communications materials and success in promoting this all employee share plan to employees, the Company received an award from ProShare in December 2018 for “The most effective communication of share plans for companies with up to 5,000 employees”.

Employees are given the option to join pension plans appropriate to local markets. In the UK, this involves a Company approved pension plan with minimum employer and employee contributions, and in the US a 401k plan. Since April 2014 in the UK, all employees except for those who have expressly opted out, are auto-enrolled into a qualifying pension plan.

In 2018, we moved our UK defined contribution pension arrangement to a new provider, Hargreaves Lansdown, with the aim of improving employee education on pensions and other financial matters and to improve the overall pensions offering. Hargreaves Lansdown ran several workshops at our UK sites in May 2018 on the new pension arrangement with particular focus on the investment decision making taken by employees and expectations around retirement. As a consequence, we have seen higher levels of engagement and investment decision-making by employees. Over 300 employees in the UK now participate in the Hargreaves Lansdown pension arrangement and investment in the default fund has reduced from 85% to 57%. Further educational workshops will be held in 2019 to help educate our UK employees on this important employee benefit.

Vitec is supportive of employees enjoying a healthy work/life balance. Flexible working policies are in place in most of our locations, and a positive impact can be seen. In our Production Solutions Division, changes introduced allowed several employees to reduce the time of their daily commute to work. Another aspect of creating a balance is an inclusive attitude towards employees’ family life. Vitec Imaging Solutions in Italy hosted two Summer Camps for children of employees, ages ranging from three years old to 14, offering a range of sports and training activities. More than 50 children attended the camps. Vitec Imaging Solutions also strives to offer its employees flexible working options, for example flexibility on working location as well as start and finishing times with prior agreement from management.

Each Division provides further benefits for employees: from a transport allowance in Hong Kong for commuting; a small cash bonus on an employee’s birthday in France; discounted childcare options in the UK and US; to a cash allowance to be spent on a multitude of benefits such as gym membership or private healthcare to suit an individual’s needs in Italy.

Level of Sharesave participation as at 31 December 2018

Country Outstanding Options No. of Active Participants
Australia 8,836 13
Costa Rica 15,093 27
USA 326,413 306
France 21,051 14
Germany 37,790 29
Hong Kong 28,657 14
Italy 466,161 277
Japan 81,058 34
Netherlands 2,495 2
UK 301,467 235
Singapore 11,890 5
Total 1,300,911 956


Below: John Bolton, Group Company Secretary, collecting the ProShare award for “The most effective communication of share plans for companies with up to 5,000 employees” – for Sharesave.


Training and development

Vitec aims to offer a comprehensive training and development programme, linked to performance reviews and development plans, taking all Divisional requirements into consideration. Additionally, in 2018 the Executive Management Board reviewed its leadership and succession plans to ensure there was a structured approach to growing and developing the Company’s future leaders.

All employees receive training on health and safety procedures that are appropriate to their line of work and environment. For example, training in warehouse operations, working at heights, fire safety or more general initiatives to make employees aware of the dangers that can be encountered in the execution of their various duties.

Much of Vitec’s strength lies in the expert knowledge of our people. It is vital that our employees understand, and are passionate about, our products and technologies. In 2018, Vitec Imaging Solutions ran the “Shoot and Share” training programme – offering camera craft and technical training on the Divisions’ products as well as photography education. Furthermore, a number of high profile Manfrotto and Gitzo ambassadors were welcomed to our Italian facility so that they could share their knowledge and expertise. An induction programme in Cassola and Feltre, Italy was introduced for all new and existing employees to understand the products better and to obtain updates to the business and product development.

All Divisions within the Group continually review and expand training options for staff. Vitec Production Solutions in Costa Rica, for example, offered a total of over 500 training days to its employees’ in 2018.


Employee volunteering

We encourage a culture of active participation in the communities in which we operate and staff around the world give their time and money to various social programmes in their local communities. In 2018, for example, the training manager from Production Solutions in our Costa Rica facility worked with students on building electric race cars running from two car batteries, creating a new wire harness design in the process. This helped to foster a useful working relationship with the community, as well as helping the students with their technical skillset.

Below: Gitzo ambassador, Daisy Gilardini, shares her knowledge with employees in Vitec Imaging Solutions, Italy